Welcome to Second Grade at Lexington Univeral Academy!

Assalamu Alaikum,
Here is the Second Grade website. Plannings during the school months are Monday-Friday 9:36-10:30. Please don't hesitate to call and speak with me if there are ever any questions. 

Academics: LUA follows the Kentucky Academic Standards as specified by the Kentucky Board of Education. Below shows the core curriculum and also some supplemental materials used for each subject. 

Communication: There are several ways you can stay in communication with us. The main source of communication will be used via Parent Square. On Parent Square is where you will find: weekly newsletters, upcoming dates, important reminders, conference sign-ups, school closings/delays, and daily parent/teacher communication as needed. 

Another way you can stay in communication with us is by calling the school phone: (859)272-3360 or via email.

Homework: Homework will be posted on weekly newsletters. Any physical homework (weekly word work, at-home projects, fine motor skill activities) will be placed in their parent/teacher folder Monday afternoon. Homework is given on Monday and is not due until Friday. Most weeks students will have language arts homework in the form of handwriting weekly word work that encourages practice in writing, spelling, reading, sentence structure, and phonemic awareness. Also, students should expect IXL modules assigned that correlate with either previously practiced skills or skills that enhance what we are learning in the classroom. 

Links: Aside from homework, we will use several different online programs to supplement what we are learning in the classroom and allow for differentiation when needed. These will be used both in and out of the classroom as specified in the weekly newsletter. Here are the links to the other online resources we will use throughout the year: 

About the Teacher: Ustatha Hanan Abdeldayem is the 2nd grade teacher at Lexington Universal Academy. Hanan is from Canton, Michigan and graduated with her bachelors in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. She has taught for 3 years (2nd grade and kindergarten) in Michigan, and was highly involved in the Islamic community. She volunteered her extra time in an Islamic Sunday school. Hanan recently moved to Lexington summer of 2022 and is excited to teach at LUA. She enjoys teaching young students for the “light bulb” moment in the classroom , and being able to bring Islam into her teaching style within the classroom. 

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